Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Road Trip, Day 2

Serpent Mound
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We left Tim and Lori's place after breakfast and drove southwest across Ohio until we reached Peebles, Ohio, home of the famous Serpent Mound. A 1330-foot long Native American burial effigy whose origin is several thousand years old by most accounts. I had wanted to visit this site for years after having read about the various mound-building cultures in Olson's works somewhere. I have to say, I found it a little disappointing, being at it's greatest height about 3 feet tall. A unique site, to be sure, but not really worth the effort to get there. Instead of staying in the area as planned, we continued on to Louisville, KY, where we passed the night in a hotel. Louisville is another failed American city desperately trying to revive itself through a combination of gentrification, tourism, and culture. It doesn't seem to be working yet --- downtown seemed rather empty and quiet, though we did eat dinner at an excellent upscale Mexican place.

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