Thursday, September 27, 2007

Road Trip, Day 7: Palo Duro Hike

Morning we woke and hiked the 6-mile "Lighthouse Trail" through the canyon to its most prominent natural landmark, the "Lighthouse" rock formation (see photo of the two of us in front of it, click it or any other photo to go to my flickr page). We saw three living and four dead tarantulas along the way, not to mention various other insects, birds, flowers and bugs. Ants crawled up my leg and bit me all over my bare calves (I love nature!). The journey to the rock was exhilarating and cool, and climbing along the rock shelf on which it sits afforded us a magnificent view. However, the hike back to the car was brutal. Though the both of us wore sunblock, we were so hot when we arrived at the car, and our faces were so red, we were convinced we'd been badly burned. Turned out we were just really, really hot.

Our next stop was Santa Fe, where we spent the night at the home of Jonathan Skinner's parents, Linda Hibbs and Elliot Skinner. They took us out to Thomasita's, a great Mexican place in downtown Santa Fe, before we passed out on their fold-out couch in the rear house.

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Geoffrey said...

Hi Mike & Lori,

This is great :-) Donna and I just went through your images. I think it was a bit much for you to shoot the TV, but it must have been fun getting into the spirit of things at Graceland.


Be well and drive safe.

Love, Geoffrey