Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 19: Portland, Coffee, Leaving

Stumptown Coffee
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On our final day in Portland, Alicia and Tom and their adorable 2-year-old, Pascal, picked us up and took us for a tour of the city. We said goodbye to Tom, who had to teach, then went for some breakfast with Alicia and Pascal. Afterward, Alicia took us to Stumptown Coffee, which makes far and away the best latte I have ever had. Portland takes great pride not only in the taste of their coffee, but also in its presentation. Every barista seems expert in the art of latte foam design, which comes standard with every cup. Bravo, Portland!

We then got an exhaustive tour SE and SW Portland. Alicia took us through all the neighborhoods, showed us her alma mater, Reed College, and then dropped us back off at Aaron and Michelle's. Once home, we started thinking we'd better get a few hours of driving in so we could make it Yellowstone and the Badlands before hitting my brother's wedding by week's end. So we booked a hotel in Spokane and drove the 5 hours up there that evening.

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