Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 8: Santa Fe

Santa Fe
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We spent a full day in Santa Fe relaxing from the past week, a day consisting mainly of walking around the square, popping into different shops, and dodging the swarms of tourist bodies pressing against us on the sidewalk. Santa Fe has its charms: the beauty of the landscape et al, but the level of tourism makes it feel a bit, well, touristy. We did experience the famous New Mexico light, though, which makes the sky a rich and gorgeous blue I've never seen anywhere else.

Linda and Elliott took us to the Palace of the Governors to introduce us to Tom Leech, a papermaker and printer, who now runs the print shop at Palace Press, a letterpess print shop housed in the museum. They've been running a poetry series out of there for a few years now and they produce gorgeous poetry broadsides letterpressed on handmade paper. We bought two of them -- "Phillip Whalen's Hat" by Joanne Kyger and "Infloresecence" by Arthur Sze, current poet laureate of Santa Fe.

That evening before dinner our hosts drove us up to view a plot of mountainside they've owned for many years on the outskirts of the city. It has a rather spectacular view of the mountains and the city and the sun going down. Another highlight of our visit was Linda showing us family photo albums and journals of trips they'd made to India, Tibet and Nepal. We also got to see photos of a young, pony-tailed Jonathan Skinner standing on a soapbox leading an anti-war rally.

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