Friday, March 14, 2008

Catching Up on the Blog 4: Roberto Tejada and Francisco Aragón

Roberto Tejada
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In between taking the Walcotts to the museum and the big event itself, I managed to sneak over to Buffalo State College for a reading by Roberto Tejada and Francisco Aragón. Roberto I've known since our days in grad school together, but I had never heard (of) Francisco. Both read translations from the Spanish alongside their own work. It's great to get a chance to hear translations read aloud. So few poets, at least the ones I get to see, do any translation, much less read it aloud at their readings. I especially liked Roberto's translations. He read one of a piece by Lezama Lima and another by a Peruvean woman poet from the seventies, whose name I forget -- they were a great contrast -- one baroque and expansive, the other terse and intense. They really showed the kind of range RT is capable of in his work. I had to run out at the end to go to the next event, but was happy I made it to this one.

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