Friday, April 11, 2008

Catching Up on the Blog 6: Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

xexoxial editions
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Moving back a few weeks -- the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair was a hit in its second year. Though there were more vendors this year, I think the attendance was relatively flat compared with last year, likely due to the fact it took place on Easter weekend. Got to see lots of old friends and to make a few new ones. I hadn't seen mIEKAL aND in several years and ended up spending much quality time with him and his partner cAMILLE bACOS, a filmmaker from Romania. You can see some of his xexoxial books to the right. Also got to see Rod Smith and Mel Nichols, Bill and Lisa Howe, Jay Millar, Kemeny Babineau, and Lauren Bender, Justin Sirois and Jamie Gaughran-Pe rez of the Baltimore/Narrow House Crew. Got to meet Gary Sullivan and Nada Gordon for the first time -- more on that in the next catching up post. After the event, 30 of us went to eat at India Gate in Buffalo, likely the largest single table they'd seen in a while. Great fun, anyhow, and you should all come next year.

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