Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aimless Reading: The A's, Part 13

Getting Even
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Allen, Woody
Getting Even

I am pretty sure I bought this book at 7th St. Books which, of course, is gone, like most of my favorite places in New York. His writing is funny, but like many of his films, they are starting to feel their age. One I remember enjoying is called "A Look At Organized Crime." Here's the beginning of the section headed "History of Organized Crime in the United States." It plays on the propensity to nickname Mafiosi in FBI reports:

In 1921, Thomas (The Butcher) Covello and Ciro (The Tailor) Santucci attempted to organize disparate ethnic groups of the underworld and thus take over Chicago. This was foiled when Albert (The Logical Positivist) Corillo assassinated Kid Lipsky by locking him in a closet and sucking all the air out through a straw. Lipsky's brother Mendy (alias Mendy Lewis, alias Mendy Larsen, alias Mendy Alias) avenged Lipsky's murder by abducting Santucci's brother Gaetano (also known as Little Tony, or Rabbi Henry Sharpstein) and returning him several weeks later in twenty-seven separate mason jars. This signalled the beginning of a bloodbath. Dominick (The Herpetologist) Mione shot Lucky Lorenzo (so nicknamed when a bomb that went off in his hat failed to kill him)

...you get the picture.

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