Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aimless Reading: The A's, Part 20

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Arnold, Elizabeth

Another exquisitely designed title from Flood editions. I think I received this as a review copy when it came out. I didn't get a chance to review it, unfortunately. For some reason the title keeps making me think of one of my favorite scenes from the Sopranos. Jennifer Melfi, Tony's therapist, has been raped and is trying to work out her anger in therapy sessions with Peter Bogdanovich. She tells him she is thinking of asking Tony to have the man who raped her killed, thus violating not only the law, but all kinds of professional ethics and so forth, to which her therapist replies, "But, Jennifer -- Civilization."

Here's the opening passage:

It's alive in us, what you thought, what you made
happen in the mind, o precarious ones,

threading your life into us from the other end of time

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