Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Aimless Reading: The A's, Part 29 (Though it should be Part 12)

Alfonso, Carlos Augusto
La oración de letrán

This is the first, and I am sure not the last, book that was shelved out of order. It's proper place should have been between Charles Alexander and Kazim Ali. Noted.

Carlos Alfonso was a name that seemed to have an aura around it in Cuba. In fact, I think there were actually two Carlos Alfonsos. I am not sure which one this is, but I am pretty sure this is the one with the aura. I also have a memory of his reading that is very confused. Either: he read and I saw him read and did not meet him and heard that it was very rare for him to read. Or: he did not read and I heard he was supposed to have read and that it was very rare for him to read.

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