Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aimless Reading: The A's, Part 32.2

Ayrala, Ricardo Rojas
Caligramas: a espinazos locos de amor

Another book by Sr. Ayrala. It's possible I did not meet the author and that I was given the book by Daniel Muxica, the editor of this series. Muxica is a writer and editor in Buenos Aires who I met in Havana in 2001. I'll have more on him when I get to the M's.

Anyhow, this book appears to be a heavily literary and very playful. It begins with 5 prologues by different writers (they may have been written by the author himself, in the voice of the other writers). The ook is divided into 39 cantos, each of them the dividing the page into two. The first half, at the top of each page utilizes fonts and spacings of various weights and widths. In the middle of each page is a small illustration marking the divid between parts, most of which look to be of some indigenous origin (I would guess Mayan, but am no expert in this). The second half of each canto, occupying the bottom part of the page, uses one font size and standard spacing. Skimming through, they appear almost to be a kind of call and response -- similar to Spicer's Lorca poems. But I can't be sure, as I haven't really spent any time with this book.

The book ends with a glossary, as well as a couple of commentaries on the reading of the text, written by the author.

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