Monday, December 29, 2008

Aimless Reading: The Reference Books, Part 1

Hansen, Hardy and Quinn, Gerald M
Greek, An Intensive Course

I decided to teach myself Greek ten years ago. I learned the Greek alphabet, which has come in handy now and again, but that was it.

Here's part of a drill (transliterated by me):

1. anthropos
2. Agamemnon
3. dramata
4. biblion
5. barbaros
6. graphike
7. Demosthenes
8. epistole
9. Hektor
11. Helene
12. Dzoe
13. Elektra
14. Helios
15. Herakles
16. Theatron
17. Theos
18. Historia

What a great list! I only had to look at the alphabet gloss once: because I forgot that H = E and also that 'H = he. Makes me want to try to learn greek all over again.

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