Monday, December 29, 2008

Aimless Reading: The Reference Books, Part 2

German Verb Drills
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Henschel, Astrid
German Verb Drill

Is it me, or is their something vaguely terrifying and clearly intimidating about the cover of this book? Anyhow, when I was working on my first book of poems, I was reading a lot of Paul Celan. I found that I wanted to read him in German. I bought this book and a German-English dictionary. Life interrupted. End of story.

Ich sage     -- I say, I am saying, I do say

Du sagst
or                -- you say, you are saying, you do say
Sie Sagen

er                    he says, he is saying, he does say
sie                   she says, she is saying, she does say
es       sagt -- it says, it is saying, it does say
man               one says, one is saying, one does say

wir sagen -- we say, we are saying, we do say

ihr sagt
or                -- you say, you are saying, you do say
Sie sagen

sie sagen   -- they say, they are saying, they do say

Said, and done.

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