Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aimless Reading: The B's, Part 13.1

Zero Star Hotel
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Berrigan, Anselm
Zero Star Hotel

Actually, the story I told in the previous post is a confused memory. Anselm mailed me a copy of Integrity & Dramatic Life before he came to read with Alice in Buffalo in 1999. Douglas Oliver had recently passed away and Anselm was working on the title poem of Zero Star Hotel, which is an homage to Oliver. Both Alice and Anselm gave powerful readings of works that in very different ways dealt with his death. Edmund did come to town that time, but he read in a separate event alongside Dan Machlin at Isabelle Pellissier's studio. Poet Karen Weiser, Anselm's then-future-wife was also in town, but I don't think she gave a reading. And the story about Anselm buying me a copy of his own book actually took place several years later when Anselm came to read on his own. The book he bought me was Zero Star Hotel. Phew. Glad we got that straightened out.

The inscription reads "For Mike: Rockin' in a semi-free world." It is dated 2/5/03, which means the war in Iraq was about to begin.


The secretary is tough
Will pummel you
with easy provocation
Great things are the things
The secretary does wish
To beat the hell out of you
With all your might
To make you as the sky
A hundred bucks
is how you feel
I think you are a mailbox
I think I am an unpaid bill
Everyday you are bombarded
Everyday I am ignored
The secretary hates us both

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