Saturday, January 10, 2009

Aimless Reading: The B's, Part 13.2 (Anselm Berrigan)

Berrigan, Anselm
Some Notes On My Programming

Damn he's prolific!

This is the only book I have received from Anselm that did not accompany a Buffalo reading, although he is coming in February to read in the Small Press Poetry Series. It has one of my favorite covers in recent years. I remember a lot of the individual poems in this book because I have listened to them often on the CD Pictures For Private Devotion, the Narrow House recording of Anselm reading his work, . Of course, now that I say that and look at the list of tracks on the CD I realize it contains a selection of poems from several of his books. Regardless, the titles "Token Enabler" and "Postcard to Brett Evans" stand out as poems I listened to many times last year when Lori and drove across the country doing readings. We had a lot of poetry on the iPod and listened to PFPD many times.

Drugged and hooded into a prose poem

Every moment came with this fill in the blank quality until someone died. Once that happened it happened repeatedly and could have induced maniacal love of power if I thought it wrong. Cartoons puking black and white on French cable recognize children as barely past two hundred years old in the American instance Can't shut them up long enough to examine their own scars Were they dosed in the womb? Was I? The ancient dilemma But we've advanced to desire of only killing weapon wielders right? And all the land. So I thought jamming into a commuter box with breathing holes leaving the state this morning on my way to teach poems by terrorists to young men and women in New Jersey

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