Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aimless Reading: The B's, Part 14.2 (Ted Berrigan)

Train Ride
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Berrigan, Ted
Train Ride

Anselm Berrigan gave me this the last time he was in town, which was probably in 2004. I didn't realize for several years that it's actually an autographed copy. Did I mention I think Anselm's an angel? It's a beautiful book -- compact, with a striking red and white image by Joe Brainard of a toy train and some monopoly money. The book is dedicated and addressed to Joe Brainard.

Here's a random excerpt:

I would like to be elected a SENATOR
I don't think I'm suited
for any other job, &            
I think my poetry 
would be exciting to write 
if I were                 
a Senator
I'd be a terrific Senator
because I'd love it.

I really like to be alone, if                     
                I don't have to be.

I like to come & go.

What I don't like is how money is involved 
in everything                                         

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