Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aimless Reading: The B's, Part 21 (Gregg Biglieri)

Biglieri, Gregg
Sleepy With Democracy

I believe I was given my copy of this book, but I may have purchased it. Kye Schlesinger published it on Cuneiform Press a few years ago, and as ever with Kyle it is a beautifully constructed book.

The clearest memory it brings to mind is of Gregg doing a reading from it at Big Orbit Gallery in Buffalo. He made a soundtrack that was basically a collage of all kinds of shoe-gazing and ambient music to accompany his reading of these dense, polyphonic, pun-happy poems.

I think that was around the time that Gregg and I were also driving an hour to Rochester each week to take in a retrospective of Japanese director Mikio Naruse's films. We went on five consecutive Thursdays and got to see: "Repast," "Floating Clouds," "When A Woman Ascends the Stairs," "Wife" and "Late Chrysanthemums." Only one of his films is currently available on DVD over here, which is a real shame. Last year we were at it again, going several Wednesdays in a row to see the films of Portuguese Director Pedro Costa, none of which are available on DVD. Also a shame.


Sub species aeternitatis
U-turn and see me
Are we some subspecies
Of eternity in aspic

A skeptic bishop inspects his
Microscope what do you
Expect specie speaks Latin
Money talks English real good

Opacity sounds more
Transparent than the city
A suffix is opaque
What we comb through
Still combines

I spy
Spiral eyes
Foreign is
My sovereign
Other my all
Out of another
Author Thor
To Thoth a second
Thought a single
Another's aurora
"Better than aviators"
Gaps the blue
And your trophy is

Is there a lighter
Fluid to fire
Green as garden
Rain in eyes


Violetwrites said...

I'd rather live with democracy then sleep with it if we could have the real thing as opposed to the carbon book copy.

Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...