Sunday, January 18, 2009


In my entry about running off with the PA system from The Ear Inn, I stated that James Sherry "claimed" that the PA system had been "purchased with Segue money." Charles Bernstein points out on his web log that "it was most definitely Segue's own grant-funded PA system."  I think I phrased it this way with the intent of suggesting that my memory of the event was clouded (or maybe to make for a juicier anecdote?). Anyhow, let me state for the record that we were not taking something that did not in fact belong to Segue and that James Sherry did at no time ask Dan Machlin or myself to commit an act of petty larceny. I reject and renounce all acts of petty larceny, be they in the name of art or in the name of commerce.  Thanks to Charles for the correction, and apologies if I seemed to be casting aspersions on James, which was not my intent.

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