Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aimless Reading: The B's, Part 41 (William Bronk)

Bronk, William
the World, the Worldles

Somewhere I read some of the poems in this book and liked them, so I bought this (online) and two other books by William Bronk (at Talking Leaves). I then discovered I don't really like the poems of William Bronk. I feel like I should like the poems of William Bronk. They are short, clear, articulate, and precise, but the poems of William Bronks are also shortly, clearly, articulately and precisely not very interesting, and they all start to sound alike after awhile. O, William Bronk, I am sorry I don't like your poems. I wanted to, I really did. But I don't.

The Truth As Known

Isn't it true though, we could ask
--who?--almost anybody, what's
it all about? Yet, asking, not
wait for an answer, or getting one, part
of one, suspect it, scoff, know it was false.
It is--strangely--as though we already knew.
It is as though we agreed, all agreed,
never to say it, to lie about it, speak
anything but the truth, knowing what we know.

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