Friday, February 27, 2009

Aimless Reading: The B's, Part 44.1 (Laynie Browne)

Daily Sonnets
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Browne, Laynie
Daily Sonnets

Last year, Mark Truscott wrote from Toronto to say that Laynie Browne and Sina Queyras were coming to read there and would I like to have the two of them pop down to Buffalo to read. The reading was to take place in the dead of winter, which always carries risks when bringing in out-of-town readers. So of course there was to be a heavy snowstorm that day.

By the time the two of them arrived the afternoon of the reading, all signs pointed to a heavy snowfall. Laynie called from the car to say that Sina was worried about getting out the next day and would, alas, be dropping her off and heading right back to Toronto. I had just enough time to ask Sina how to pronounce her last name before she drove off into the storm.

Unfortunately for Laynie, the storm came, which meant that no one came to the reading. To add insult to injury, her flight the next day was canceled, so she ended up staying in our temporary apartment on the fold out couch in the living room for two or three days before she could get another flight out.

We had a good time, though -- we took her to her first-ever zombie film, Diary of The Dead. We also watched The Werckmeister Harmonies on DVD (IMHO, the best film of the new millennium so far). We also went for a snowy nature walk at Tifft nature preserve in south Buffalo.

Given that we are in the Brown(e) section, and that Laynie Browne and Lee Ann Brown both went to Brown together, and that they just sent me a co-authored chapbook, I thought our excerpt today should be a sonnet from the collection written by Browne, yet dedicated to Brown (Lee Ann, not the school):

Lee Ann Sonnet

Your sphere is contagion
For which I am grateful
As the Holland Tunnel
trips me back to Newark
I recall your celebrity aura last night
Reading poems for Miranda in Philadelphia
Walking the poem carved into garden cement
We separate in body only
Your angelic smile is useful now
We're not alone then are we
In consultation with
Poetic constellations
Entrance of permissions
You are a field of mine

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Lori D said...

Actually, it was in March that Laynie's reading was scheduled. That's right, a blizzard. In March. In Buffalo. Who'd have thought it possible?!
One guy did brave the weather for her reading, we all went out together for dinner after the reading was cancelled!