Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aimless Reading: The B's, Part 54.1 (Jacob Burckhardt)

Burckhardt, Jacob
The Greeks and Greek Civilization

See previous entry on Burckhardt. I have nothing to add regarding this other work of his. I bought it, I read it, I remember it not.

Here's a section I highlighted:

Mention may be made here of the Leucadian rock, from which unhappy lovers used to leap in the sea. Where on the steep island of Leucas the cliff was located, and how high the drop was to the water, is not recorded. Some drowned, and others, who survived, are said to have found they were cured of their passion, so that the lover's leap seems to have been in the nature of a question put to fate. A certain Makes of Buthrotos is supposed to have made the experiment successfully four times. The inhabitants of the city of Leucas, who no doubt found the custom unacceptable, took to celebrating the annual feast of Apollo by hurling over the cliff a criminal reserved for the purpose; however he was hung about with live birds to diminish the force of his fall. Down below a number of small boats waited to rescue him, after which he was deported from the region.

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