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Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 1 (Olivier Cadiot)

Red, Green & Black
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Cadiot, Olivier
Bernstein, Charles, "trans."
Red, Green & Black

In Sarasota, Florida, where my mother lives, there is a "remaindered book" store across the street from a multiplex cinema, where I have often browsed before going to see movies.

My mother moved to Sarasota in 1997, almost immediately following the sudden, unexpected death of my father. We all thought she had gone off the deep end when she sold the house and car and pretty much everything else she owned and left Northern Virginia, where she'd lived for 21 years, for Florida, where she knew almost no one. In hindsight, her logic was sound. She told us, "If I have to start over, I might as well go all the way."

I moved to Buffalo at roughly the same time. I was opposed to her moving to Florida, mostly because I couldn't imagine wanting to visit her there. My first visit was at Christmas in 1997. I remember we saw a slew of mediocre Hollywood films at the multiplex, including Titanic, As Good As It Gets and Good Will Hunting.

One day, I went to the bookstore across the street and sought out the poetry section, which was neatly hidden toward the rear of the second floor. I have to say I was struck dumb by the poetry titles they had, not to mention the fact they were all less than five dollars. One of them was this book. I also found Susan Howe's Europe of Trusts and Singularities, Charles Bernstein's chapbook, Senses of Responsibility, and Odes of Roba, by Clark Coolidge. I think I got all of them for twelve dollars!

I have returned to the bookstore every year since 1997, but I have never again found an interesting book of poetry. Alas.

You can actually read the whole book online here:

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