Monday, March 23, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 10 (Rachel Carson)

Carson, Rachel
The Edge of the Sea

This is one of Lori's books. I seem to recall she has a copy of Silent Spring as well. I can picture it in the upstairs bookcase in our last house, on a middle shelf on the right side, behind the glass doors. It didn't make it to this shelf, at least not yet. I wonder where it is.

From the Preface:

Like the sea itself, the shore fascinates us who return to it, the place of our dim ancestral beginnings. In the recurrent rhythms of tides and surf and in the varied life of the tide lines there is the obvious attraction of movement and chance and beauty. There is also, I am convinced, a deeper fascination born of inner meaning and significance.

When we go down to the low-tide line, we enter a world that is as old as the earth itself--the primeval meeting place of the elements of earth and water, a place of compromise and conflict and eternal change. For us as living creatures it has a special meaning as an area in or near which some entity that could be distinguished as Life first drifted in shallow waters--reproducing, evolving, yielding that endlessly varied stream of living things that has surged through time and space to occupy the earth.

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