Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 6 (Norman F. Cantor)

Cantor, Norman F.
The Civilization of the Middle Ages

Purchased online a few years ago when I was reading books about the Middle Ages. They all seem to blur together in my memory. I couldn't begin to tell you what I learned from this one as opposed to what I learned from one of the several others I read. I suppose that is why I am not a historian. I notice that it does have a useful list of books to read, as well as a selection of films the author feels accurately invoke the ambience of the Medieval period. In fact, looking over this list, I now recall that I went to see The Return of Martin Guerre, starring Gerard Depardieu and Nathalie Bye, after having read it. There. See. I do remember something.

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