Friday, April 3, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 15.6 (Paul Celan)

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Celan, Paul
Sachs, Nelly

I am not sure where I bought this, Either online or at Talking Leaves. I remember reading it nights while falling asleep beside Lori in our bed at our house in Black Rock, and of having an overwhelming feeling of heartbreak while reading it. 

It's basically the correspondence of two incredibly sensitive people, whose lives have both been shattered by the horrors of the holocaust, trying to comfort one another, while each seems to be carrying a burden that is to much for either one too bear, much less to allow them any space to help someone else bear their own. The fact that they can even find the strength to try is a remarkable achievement itself.

Paris, on August 9, 1960

Nelly, you dear heart, you are worried, you ask us how we are -- We are well, Nelly, truly well. Let things be well for you, Nelly, please! There are so many friendly hearts and hands about us. See, please, how close they are, how many they are!

Yes, it is light again -- the net, the dark one, has gone away -- hasn't it Nelly, you see it now, you see that you are in the open, in the light, with us, among friends?

Yes, you see it, Nelly, as I do, as we do: we can breathe and exist unimpeded, you and we and the many friends all about us.

And I can see the words waiting for you, Nelly, the words that you will inspirit with yourself and the rays of your new clarity -- to the joy of us all.

Always your Paul

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