Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 22.2 (Geoffrey Chaucer)

Chaucer, Geoffrey
The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

I think I plucked this from the Just Buffalo shelves just before we sold the JB library to Rust Belt Books. I'd say there is a pretty strong likelihood that it once belonged to Just Buffalo founder Debora Ott. It has the feel of a college textbook that would have been used by an English major circa 1972. I don't think I've ever opened it. I just grabbed it to have around in case I need to refer to it. I haven't yet needed to until today.

I just opened it to the Chaucer pronunciation key, part of which reads quite like a poem:

like a in "father"
like a in Ger. "mann"
like a in "fate"
like e in "there"
like e in "set"
like a in "about"
like i in "machine"
like i in "sit"
like o in "note"
like oa in "broad"
like o in "hot"
like oo in "boot"
like u in "full"
like e + i
like ou in "house"
like e + u
like e + u
like oy in "boy"
like o + u
like o + u
like o + u

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