Friday, April 17, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 24 (Marten Clibbens)

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Clibbens, Marten

One summer in Buffalo, Kevin Thurston got the idea -- since so many poets own houses in Buffalo and all of those houses have huge attics -- to start a spring and fall reading series called "Panic in the Attic." I think a total of four or five readings took place. Two were in Kevin's attic, on or two were in Ethan Paquin's attic (I read there myself), and the last one that I remember was an autumn reading in Ted Pelton's attic that featured Martin Clibbens and -- I can't remember who else. Martin Clibbens lives in Buffalo and has been writing poetry here for quite a while. I believe this reading was a launch of sorts for this book. I am pretty sure I acquired the book at that reading. Or maybe I didn't.

Here's a short piece from the book called, "Neruda":

Lost in listening:
the night immense,
a mural of shadows.

How many, she thought,
the street devours,
the wave disdains,
the light forgets.

Minutes like leaves:
winter awaits.

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