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Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 30 (CA Conrad)

Deviant Propulsion
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Conrad, CA
Deviant Propulsion

Not sure whether this was a purchase or a gift. I acquired it on April 20, 2006, after a reading by CA Conrad and Buck Downs at Big Orbit Gallery in Buffalo. It was one of the first year's installments of Kevin Thurston's Small Press Poetry Series. The inscription reads:



Thanks for bringing us to Buffalo -- I saw Niagara Falls for the first time today. DELICIOUS WATER POWER!

Thanks much

CA CONRAD (sketch of flower)

I have since been following Conrad's work online and in print with glee and admiration. A few notes:

1. Conrad's fingernails are usually painted black.
2. After he left Buffalo, I asked him in an email about a poem he had read, whose title had a somewhat obscure sounding number in it. He sent me an extremely detailed email explaining the number's significance to astral projection and how the poem itself was an exposition of CA's own experiences with said process. I wrote and rewrote a poem in response to this that I hoped to dedicate to CA. I ketp sending him drafts and revisions of the poem. Then it got cut down to size and I made it part of another poem without a dedication. But those words are still secretly dedicated to Conrad.
3. I usually ignore what is going on on the poetics listserv, but somehow when Conrad gets going, I can't ignore him. Kudos, CA.
4. Conrad always responds enthusiastically to my work, which makes me happy.
5. I always respond enthusiastically to Conrad's work, which also makes me happy.
6. I am waiting for Conrad to send me a copy of his new book with an all new inscription so I can put it on the shelf next to this one. If it arrives at my doorstep before I get to the end of the C's, I promise to write about it on my blog.
7. My home address is 112 Norwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222
8. Thanks in advance, Conrad. I can't wait to read The Book Of Frank.
9. Or my friend Charles Alexander, publisher of said book, can send me a review copy.
10. Either way, I'd really like a copy.
11. Really.
12. No kidding.
13. I think CA COnrad is terrific.
14. Really.
15. No kidding.
16. Have you seen the video of him reading in a bathtub?
17. Have you read the Dear Mr. President Poem?
18. He read that at the reading in Buffalo and made us all laugh.
19. It was spring, but the flowers weren't yet in bloom.
20. Come to think of it, it was three years ago this past Monday.
21. This past Monday, I was with Charles Alexander, publisher of Chax Press -- in Buffalo, no less!
22. Whoa!
23. It feels like more than a coincidence, don't you think?
24. And the previous Thursday, I took Tisa Bryant and Dana Ward to Niagara Falls for the first time.
25. They were reading in what will have been the last reading in the Small Press Poetry Series before it moves in the fall to a new location, with a new concept, a new time, and a new name.
26. Four years is about as long as any series should last in the same format.
27. Next year, it's going to be different -- bigger, better, more fun, and I hope it will include CA Conrad, though there will not be a bathtub for him to read in.
28. Unless he brings it with him.
29. That might be a little to much to ask.
30. Gee, I hope he sends me his book.

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