Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In My Absence

Sorry for the delay in posting -- it's been a crazy week:


Picked up Tisa Bryant at airport. Went to dinner with Tisa, Aaron Lowinger, Dana Ward, Tom Orange and Barbara Cole at India Gate.


Breakfasted with Tisa, Tom, and Dana, then drove Tisa and Dana to Niagara Falls and back, then took Tisa to do a reading at Buffalo State, then to Rust Belt Books, where the two of them read.


Drove Tisa to the airport, then spent all afternoon writing an intro for Isabel Allende. Picked Allende and husband Willie up at the hotel in the evening for her Babel event. Introduced Allende and then performed live Q & A in front of 1400 people. Took the two of them to late dinner at local Greek restauarant and then back to their hotel.


Drove Allende and Willie to Airport. Watched the Yankees get decimated by the Indians. Went to mind-blowing Cecil Taylor concert with Aaron Lowinger and Becky Moda. Another late night dinner at Pano's with Aaron.


Picked up Charles Alexander and Brenda Iijima at hotel and took them to the Western New York Books Arts Collaborative building, then to a party at the home of Jim and Lauren Maynard, then to a reading by Richard Owens, Anna Moschovakis, Jay Millar and Kyle Schlesinger at the Karpeles Manuscript Library, then went out to Staples bar.


Spent all day (10-5) at UB Poetry Collection listening to keynotes, roundtables and panels on small press publishing. Went to reading by Mike Basinski, Brenda Iijima, Andrew Rippeon and Charles Alexander and then to the Hardware Cafe.


Woke for an early meeting with major funder of the Babel series and then worked all day. Ate lunch with Aaron Lowinger in order to start planning out poetry series for the fall. Hope to sleep tonight and begin again tomorrow.

Back to Aimless Reading any minute now...

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