Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 37.1 (Hart Crane)

Mariani, Paul
Crane, Hart
The Broken Tower: The Life of Hart Crane

Another barely read literary biography. I only bought this a few years ago. I guess I never learn. I got as far as page 87. 

For a bookmark, interestingly, I was using my Ecuadorean "cedula" or work card, which says that I was authorized to work as a "misionero" or missionary from August 31, 1994-August 13, 1995. 

In the photo, my hair is pulled back in a pony tail and I am wearing gold, horn rimmed-glasses. I am younger, tanner and thinner. 

I remember waiting to get this card. I waited all morning only to be told to return at 3 PM, after the "jefe" returned from lunch. He sat eating an orange at his desk for two hours with my passport in front of him, never looking up, before he finally signed it. 

According to the card, this cost 10,000 sucres -- about 3 dollars, I think.  On the back it says:

"It is the obligation of the Foreigner to communicate to this Immigration Office any change in residence, place of work, civil status, occupation, migrant state, passport, activity, etc."

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