Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 39.16 (Robert Creeley)

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Creeley, Robert

Another chapbook among the spines. Not sure where I got this -- probably Rust Belt Books. It was published in 1990 by Shuffaloff (as in, to Buffalo) press, which was an 80's into the 90's era small press run by poet Mike Boughn, now of Toronto. The series was devoted to work being written in Buffalo and has a pretty interesting list of authors, including Jack Clarke, Lisa Jarnot, Elizabeth Willis, Sheryl Robbins, Jorge Guitart, Martin Clibbens and others. Boughn, according to his press agent Jay Millar, is the 2009 recipient of the Friggin' Prize for his book, 22 Skidoo, published by Book Thug.

Congratulations, Mike!

The Times

If they had something
to worry about these
people wouldn't sit there
thinking about what

doesn't even exist they
would take each day as it
comes and thank their
lucky stars they had

enough to eat it says here
it reflects the hopeless
times make what isn't
the case all that is.

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