Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 39.17 (Robert Creeley)

Creeley, Robert
Tales Out Of School
Selected Interviews

Purchased at Talking Leaves Books.

Someone somewhere once noted that Robert Creeley was one of the most interviewed poets of the century, and also how the interview was a form that suited his loquacious intermingling of poetry and speech. I think that's a pretty accurate assessment, despite not recaling who made it.

I once suggested doing an interview with him, to which he replied that if we were going to do it we'd better come up with something new to talk about, because it had all been covered in other interviews, about twenty of which he attached links to at the end of the email, as if to say, "See what I mean?" We never actually got around to doing it, though I think in many ways he was right.

If you gathered all of the published Creeley interviews together, you'd likely end up with twenty books as long as this one, which contains five.

I like the introductory paragraph he wrote:

Expectably enough the interviews here collected from a diversity of others are a nearly anthropological evidence, if nothing else, that there was indeed a person as "myself" somewhere consistent with a world now well past but still inexplicable as when it first all began. The questions and answers comprising the five parts of this book will prove beyond the shadow of a fictive doubt that an "I" was "there," and that "he" made persistently evident all the usual rhetorical apparatus and determination necessary to keep afloat the boatlike "self" one presumes to be the point of one's existence. Or at least this one did at that time.

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