Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 39.8 (Robert Creeley)

Creeley, Robert
If I were writing this

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Random story told to me by Robert Creeley:

When Pound was in St. Elizabeth's, all the friends and admirers that wrote to him sent whatever reading material they could gather -- books, magazines, journals etc. -- along with their letters. Apparently, he received way more than even he could ever read, so he got into the habit of sending stacks of books and magazines to all the young poets that wrote to him, including Creeley. One of these packages he sent Creeley included a first edition of one of H.D.'s books (I don't remember which). In some earlier letter Pound had told the young Creeley that H.D. was not a poet he thought Creeley should read. So, when he received the package that included the inscribed first edition, not only did he not read it -- he threw it away!

For You

At the edge, fledgling,
hypocrite reader, mon frere,
mon semblable
, there
you are me?

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