Sunday, May 24, 2009

Aimless Reading: The C's, Part 39.9 (Robert Creeley)

On Earth
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Creeley, Robert
On Earth

This was sent to me as a review copy from University of California Press, probably in 2005 or 2006.  

Time to go and get some breakfast -- I think I'll just post an excerpt today, if you don't mind. 

This is my favorite poem from the book:

Mediterranean II

The cranky low freighter with orange stickup
stern cabin we could see from the open window of
this place each day out there on proverbial ocean has
moved away, shifting the focus of that blue to an
implacable distance now going out to a shaded, faded
edge of sky beyond all recalled dreams or places. One
so wanted it to be the old time story of them waiting till
dark at last came and then, with muffled oars, they'd row
into the hidden cove, climb up the adjoining cliff, and
into my waiting heart. How many times so long ago I'd
see the fisherman at nightfall row out to the darkened
sea with the long awkward boats, oars in unison, to what
determined fate, and if there were a world at edge of this
one, there at last they might pull ashore. Now the sea's slur-
ring, recurring sound, its battering, white capped, upon the
rocks, forces both free and unknown to me, have no work
but this tedious recurrence, dreams repeated, insistent, useless.

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