Saturday, May 30, 2009

Road Trip Day 1

Road Trip Day 1
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We leave in a couple of hours -- Lori is out in the back yard frantically planting vegetables before we hit the road, while I am about to get breakfast. We have an 11 hour drive today to Tarboro, NC, where we will be visiting with one of the important characters of this here blog, Brian Lampkin, founder and former proprietor of Rust Belt Books, who lives with his partner Stacy and their three daughters. On Monday or Tuesday, we'll cross the state to Visit my mother in Franklin, then head to Sarasota by week's end.

Books in my satchel:

Javier Marias, Tu Rostro Mañana, books one and two.
Daniel Sada, Casi Nunca
Paul Blackburn, Journals; Selected Poems
Tom Verducci & Joe Torre: The Yankee Years
Spanish/English Dictionary

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