Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Road Trip Day 1, 2 ,3 Buffalo > Tarboro

Day 1 we drove twelve hours from Buffalo to Tarboro, NC, where we spent two nights visting with Brian Lampkin and family. We got in pretty late on Saturday night and stayed up gossiping until 2:30 in the morning. Next morning (Day 2) Brian took us to the very rural workshop of outsider artist Vollis Simpson. Vollis is a 90-year-old artist and metal worker who builds windmills, whirligigs and other moving structures that range in size from objects that fit on a table-top to massive sculptures that would be at home in a theme park among roller coasters and other such large metal objects.

Vollis was in and working in his shop when we arrived. He is a strong, wiry man with a powerful handshake and a thick NC drawl. Somehow, we managed not to get a picture of him, but this gives a pretty good sense of his workshop.

After visiting with Vollis, we drove for a real live NC BBQ at a place called Gardner's.

Highly recommended if you happen to be in the Tarboro area.

We played poker and gossiped late into the night.

Day 3 Brian gave us a tour of downtown Tarboro and environs before we headed to Charlotte to visit my cousin John.

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Brent Cunningham said...

Lived nearby in Wilson for years, these pictures sure take me back, both Vollis and the bbq. We used to go out at night a lot. As you might've heard, almost all of Vollis's sculptures have reflectors on them, and he's gone up in the trees all around his farm and put reflectors up in the branches, so it's a remarkable experience to drive down the rural tree-lined roads and suddenly you come across this sparkly wonderland. Try it w the high beams on...