Monday, July 13, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 2 (Catherine Daly)

Paper Craft
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Daly, Catherine
Paper Craft

Received in a trade with the author along with another title when the two of us read in LA at the Late Night Snack series in September of 2007. When Human Scale came out, I set up a series of readings on the West Coast. Lori and I drove cross-country, stopping along the way in Cleveland, Louisville, Memphis, Norman (OK), Palo Duro Canyon (TX), Santa Fe, Tucson, LA, SF, Portland, Yellowstone, Badlands, and Minneapolis. If you dig into the archives of this here blog you can read all about it, including a report on the aforementioned reading with Catherine.


A rose is very complicated. Folding a rose -- I almost got it. But when I read the rose poem, I faked it and held the tattered piece of paper together.

The patterns here indicate folds to make a rose, but they must be folded in a specific order. After that, there are twisting folds and other folds I did not know how to indicate here.

Note: in the book, the poem is superimposed atop an image of a folded sheet of paper, presumably folded in the pattern described in the poem.

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