Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 2.1 (Catherine Daly)

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Daly, Catherine

Also received in a trade with the author when we read together in LA in September 2007. I think the book was hot off the presses when I received it. I ran into Catherine again a few months later. It was in February. It was New York. It was in a hotel conference room. People hawked books all around us. Suddenly a petite woman with blond hair obscured a black felt pirate hat approached. It was Catherine. We laughed. She smiled. I took a photo. If you would like your own pirate's hat, you might like to visit Captain Jack's Haberdashery. I am not in a typing mood this morning and the poems are longish and not so left-justified in this book, so I'll just excerpt a poem.

From 21 Days

Madinat as-Salam ("City of Peace")

21 Days to forget Arabic

relearn aramaic

open sesame cave

street "street arabs"

can you tell me how to get

heresy an irresponsible text

a Scheherezade keeps her death at bay

Shahrazade in the shadows of the room

a singer, the war

we live on razor thin illusions no graven images

this is the frame tale, and the end

when will it start again?

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