Friday, July 24, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 5 (Daniel Davidson)

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Davidson, Daniel

I bought this several years ago at Talking Leaves Books. In fact, I am pretty sure it is the first Krupskaya book I ever purchased and that I was seduced by the beautiful packaging. I love the stark white letters on the orange-white cover. I asked Lori this morning to name the color -- she said it was scarlet or orange-red. I think I like the way the latter sounds.

Scarlet makes me think of Gone With The Wind, which I have never seen. I can't rightly say why I have never seen the film, other than that it's been going on so long now it's become a point of pride. I have seen several thousand movies in my life, many of them two or three times, and I do try to have a sense of the history of film. But then I think there is something interesting about having gaps in one's knowledge, and that in many ways it's the gaps that are the most interesting parts of our knowledge. Lacunae. And then thinking that gaps are the most interesting part of our knowledge I think that having intentional gaps in our knowledge is even more important and more interesting. There are just some things we should not know about. There are things about which we should refuse to know. We can know they are there, that they exist, and that they have had possibly huge cultural and historical ramifications and that they have meant many things to many people, that they have changed people's lives in significant ways and for just that very reason we should refuse to know about them. To say to ourselves, "I will not allow this one thing to touch me." And then of course we realize by not letting it touch us, by turning our backs to it, it has already affected our lives in a new and completely unexpected way, giving it a kind of talismanic or anti-talismanic power over us. It becomes a magical gap into which we might imagine ourselves one day leaping. But never do.

From Product:

Game, a cavalcade of desire, cleaning all. Every infection is mine to invest, lingering to arrive, levels around scarcity, bodes of forbearance. There is a direct route, access being denied. This is a guess: attention, density, tension, identical locations. A range blocks the day, hand passing money at it then. Known is a lie, walk along, vent the limit, insist and predict, status renames. Hold up your head, if you want. This is playing a game, a cavalcade of desire disguised as traditions, contained and framed in a thirty second grip.

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