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Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 6 (Michael Davidson)

The Prose Of Fact
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Davidson, Michael
The Prose Of Fact

Purchased at The Strand several years ago. I think I must have shown up after Bernadette Mayer sold off a part of her library. This volume is inscribed by Michael Davidson thusly:

for Bernadette--

in recognition of her own prose
in fact, effect

Best wishes,

Michael Davidson
Aug. 25, 1981

I can't imagine this was inscribed to another Bernadette. But who knows? Maybe it was. Maybe there is another Bernadette that is also a writer and who also happens to run in the same circles as Michael Davidson and whom he also happens to admire.

Anyhow, I am pretty sure my dually autographed copy of Bill Berkson and Philip Guston's Enigma Variations also came from Bernadette's library, as I bought it at the same store on the same day. I probably should have stuck around a little longer to see if there was more!


At the same time
next week
is a few degrees away
but he thinks

it starts over,
the Bear stepping into place,
Orion lower
and to the right

and Sagittarius
whose month he is
has never seen
is to the south

what connects us
is is
two forms
keeping their distance,

their conversations
with the Minotaur
have been recorded
have been recorded

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