Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 12 (Nicolette de Csipkay)

de Csipkay, Nicolette
Black Umbrella Stories

Given to me by the publisher, Ted Pelton, at a party/reading that took place in the attic of his house on Lexington Avenue. I remember that two people read, Marten Clibbens and someone else. I can't remember who the someone else was (Nicolette, maybe?). Ted laid out all of the Starcherone titles on the dining room table in his apartment and I believe offered us the choice of several before ushering us into the attic. There were several of these attic readings in Buffalo a few years ago. Buffalo houses tend to be large and to have correspondingly large attics which someone, Kevin Thurston, I believe, decided would be a good place to do readings. Kevin hosted one, and so did Ted, and so did Ethan Paquin.

Okay, so I just opened the book to discover that it is inscribed by the author to Lori, which possibly nullifies everything I just said about how I acquired the book. It's possible that we acquired it at said party and that the author attended and inscribed it to Lori at the party. It's also possible the author was the other reader, but I don't remember. If she wasn't, or if she wasn't there, then I have no idea.

from The Cat Lady

Bored with teachers who flittered false eyelashes, sick of girls who answered their questions, and tired of girls who liked boys and boys who liked girls, Janet was passing by rows of glossy-leaved orange trees on her way home from a tenth-grade school fay when she saw a small man with dark hair, a moustache and very muscular arms digging a pit in the backyard of the house with the weathervane. He was listening to a soft pop radio station, but as Janet walked by he looked up and gestured to her.

"Need some extra cash?" he asked

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