Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 19.1 (Richard Deming)

Deming, Richard
Let's Not Call It Consequence (II)

This is the second copy given to me by the author, with another generous (and alliterative) inscription. In the upper right hand corner of the title page he has kindly inscribed my mailing address, in case I should lose the book again. On the lower left hand side is a scale drawing of the cover of the collected writings of Willem De Koonig, which apparently the author was carrying in his pocket at the time he made the inscription, which reads:

This Manifestation of
Let's Not Call It Consequence
is (again)
Mike --
master poet
majestic blogger
my mighty pal

with/for love
at the Cornelia St Cafe
in the Village
*The copy I read from last night at the PSA.

(The PSA is the Poetry Society of America, which at that time had just awarded the book its Norma Farber Award first book award. I will only make the briefest mention here of the fact that before winning the award, Richard referred to the book he gave me as a "recording," in other words, a reproduction of the original, and that after the award he referred to the same book as a "manifestation," a much more magisterial conception. That being said, Richard is still the same old Richard, which brings me to today's list.)

15 Reasons I Like Richard Deming

1. He likes Van Halen. I like Van Halen. (Without irony)

2. He likes David Cronenberg. I like David Cronenberg.

3. He likes Michael Haneke. I like Michael Haneke.

4. He published a poem in the Nation about zombies and dedicated it to me.

5. He published my first chapbook.

6. His wife, Nancy Kuhl, lives up to the pun in her name.

7. We met at a bar, but neither of us drink.

8. He used to be a musician.

9. He likes Gerrit Lansing. I like Gerrit Lansing.

10. He likes to talk on the phone for hours about Japanese horror films and pretty much any other kind of film you can think of. The more violent and sadistic the better. (Me, too).

11. He is a collector of books and art.

12. He likes cats.

13. He would like to someday find a very particular copy of W.C. Williams' The Wedge, which once belonged to Robert Creeley, whose first wife had stolen it for him from, I think, the Grolier bookstore in Cambridge. If you have this book, he will pay you for it.

14. He takes fish oil tablets and drinks spirulina shakes.

15. He was once the president of the Billy Squier fan club.

For today's excerpt, I will re-post yesterday's excerpt, so you can compare them and see which one you like better.

Buffalo Nights

starlit and ex-
cerpted it's colder
outside than
it looks

when the mirror gets heavy
and the chocolate
          stale, rust answers
          all that glare and some
          times sleep is a way of saying no


cathye said...

I did not know about the BS fan club ...

Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...

It really adds to the mystique, doesn't it?