Friday, August 21, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 20 (Jeff Derksen)

Down Time
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Derksen, Jeff
Down Time

I am pretty sure I bought this on Now and again I decide to catch up on my reading of contemporary poetry and buy used copies in batches off the internet. I am pretty sure that's how I acquired this title. No, it has a price written on the inside. I bought it at Rust Belt Books.

I am wondering where Jeff Derksen is these days. I only met him twice, a long time ago. When I arrived in Buffalo in 1997, his name was on the tips of everybody's tongues. He featured at one of the first readings I went to in Toronto. Peter Jaeger introduced him. It was at a gallery on Spadina, not too far from Queen St. It was called the red something or other.

And I remember Jeff came to read a year or so later in the Wednesdays at 4 Plus series that Charles Bernstein ran. We went out to dinner after the reading at Gabriel's Gate. I hate the food at Gabriel's gate, but it's not a bad place to hang out. And they have free popcorn.

from Blind Trust

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tyrone said...

Jeff is still in Vancouver fighting the man...I saw him Vancouver at a poetics conference last August--in fact, exactly one year ago today...Are you attending the & Now Innovative Literature Festival in Buffalo in October? I'm giving a paper--and two great readers Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th--Nate Mackey and Percivel Everett..

Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...

Hey Tyrone,

Thanks for the Derksen update. I will be at the conference, spectating. I think Stan Apps is staying with us and is also giving a paper. It'll be great to see you again. What are you giving a paper on?

Btw, if you happen to be in Motown on 9/16, I'll be reading in James' series. Otherwise, see you in October!

Are you going to AWP this year? I am on a panel and am taking part in a CHAX anniversary reading. Looking forward to Denver, which I haven't seen in 20 years!



tyrone said...

Not going to AWP--two panels turned down--and yes, it will be great to catch up at the &Now festival. Good luck/good reading in Detroit..I'll be in the throes of the semester (starts Monday) the Derrida entry and I feel the same way about geometry!

Jo said...

Hi, your blog appeared in my Google Alerts for Jeff Derksen, one of our favorite published poets. He gave a poetry reading recently at the event "Fred Wah and Friends." Here is a link to the event highlights, with his longer version to appear either this month or in January:


Jo Summerton
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