Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 24 (Pier Giorgio di Cicco)

The Tough Romance
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di Cicco, Pier Giorgio
The Tough Romance

Given to me by the author a few years ago upon a visit to Buffalo. He was serving at the time as the poet laureate of Toronto and was interested in checking out the Buffalo poetry scene. He came down for one of the readings in the small press poetry series. I can't recall which reading it was, but I remember we went out afterwards to the Founding Father's pub and ate popcorn and had a few drinks. In addition to being a poet laureate he is an Augustine Brother in the Catholic Church in Toronto. He also wrote a book about the "creative city" and I seem to remember he told me he mostly used his tenure as poet laureate to promote his ideas regarding said domain.

Birthday Poem for Myself

Birthday boy, your day is coming up.
There is not so much love in the whole world
as what I've saved for you.
Old pint-pot, lover of my suit of clothes.
I am speaking from your cradle,
from the far end of your grave. And I speak
like your own mother. Be good to yourself, make sure
you've pulled your flesh up convincingly.
Make sure there's no mistake. This is the
hallowed day when you measure one morning against
another, what was and what is. Between the two
you are smoking like a mad fiend, some delinquent kid,
biding the time, half expecting the kick in the
back of the head.

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