Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 25.6 (Philip K. Dick)

Dick, Philip K
Confessions of a Crap Artist

Purchased at Talking Leaves...Books. Apparently I got as far as the end of chapter five in this book. The bookmark is still tucked between chapters. One side of it contains white text on a black background, the other the reverse. On the black side there is a picture of a man in a white fedora and overcoat. Neither his head nor his nick is visible against the black background. His eyes are white slits with tiny black pupils slightly askance. Beneath him the text reads:


The reverse reads:


and sign the
to amend the
and protect

The Campaign for Reader Privacy
is a joint initiative of the
American Booksellers Association, the
American Library Association, the
Association of American Publishers,
and PEN American Center

God, remember the PATRIOT ACT?

from Chapter 6, which I did not read:

When I saw Charley coming up the path from the car with those two delightful apparitions I could hardly believe my eyes. It was the greatest present he could have given me, and I completely adored him for it. Putting down my book I ran into my bedroom and took a look at myself in the mirror. Why at this time had that little queer down in Fairfax chosen to cut my hair on one side shorter than on the other?From my closet I grabbed out my blue-striped shirt and began buttoning it over my halter and tucking it into my shorts.

"Honey!" Charley called into the living room. "Hey, look who I talked into coming home with me!"

At the mirror I put on lipstick, blotted it, brushed my hair in back, put away my dark glasses which I had worn into the house from outside, and then I hurried into the living room.

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