Saturday, September 5, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 25.8 (Philip K. Dick)

Dick, Philip K.
Flow My Tears, The
Policeman Said

Purchased at Talking Leaves...Books. Note the sticker on the cover: this is how Talking Leaves marks your books to hold when they have special ordered them for you. It contains your name, telephone number, membership number, the ISBN of the book, and either the date of the order or the date of its arrival in the store. That's how I knew the date of purchase on the cover of Time Out Of Joint, which lead to yesterdays musings on the subjects of time and death.

I honestly can't remember if I read this one or not. I don't think I did. There are 4 more titles left in the Dick section and I think I have read only one of them. I am halfway through another right now. There is also one missing: The Man in the High Castle. Lori says I loaned it to someone. Was it you? If so, please give it back.

from Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

Together, hand in hand, they strolled along the evening sidewalk, past the competing, flashing, winking, flooding pools of color created by the rotating, pulsating, jiggling, lit-up signs. This kind of neighborhood did not please him; he had seen it a million times, duplicated throughout the face of earth. It had been from such as this that he had fled, early in his life, to use his sixness as a method of getting out. And now he had come back.

He did not object to the people: he saw them as trapped here, the ordinaries, who through no fault of their own had to remain. They had not invented it; they did not like it; they endured it, as he had not had to. In fact, he felt guilty, seeing their grim faces, their turned down mouths.

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One of his better.