Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 27.1 (Emily Dickinson)

Dickinson, Emily
The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson

I am pretty sure I bought this at Talking Leaves...Books and that I bought it around the time I was taking my oral exams, though it was not on my oral exam list. I like this edition because it comes with an envelope containing folded facsimile copies of the manuscript tucked into it. You can unfold them and read them as if you'd received them in the mail. I don't really have any memories attached to this particular book, as I read it only once, and then not particularly closely. Except that they are stunningly beautiful:

Dear Master

I am ill-
but grieving more
that you are ill, I
make my stronger hand
work long eno' to tell
you- I thought perhaps
you were in Heaven,
and when you spoke
again, it seemed
quite sweet, and
wonderful, and surprised
me so- I wish that
you were well.
I would that all I
love , should be weak no
more. The Violets are
by my side- the Robin
very near- and "Spring"-
they say, Who is she-
going by the door-
Indeed it is God's house-
and these are gates
of Heaven, and to
and fro, the angels
go, with their sweet
postillions- I wish that
I were great, like Mr-
Michael Angelo, and
could paint for you.
You ask me what
my Flowers said-
then they were
disobedient- I gave
them messages-
They said what the
lips in the West, say,
when the sun goes
down, and so says
the Dawn-
Listen again, Master-
I did not tell you that
today had been the
Sabbath Day.
Each Sabbath on the
sea, makes me count
the Sabbaths, till we
meet on shore- |will the| and
whether the hills will
look as blue as the
sailors say-
I cannot
| stay | any |longer|
tonight |
|, for this pain
denies me-
How strong when weak
to recollect, and easy
quite, to love. Will you
tell me, please to tell
me, soon as you are

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