Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 31 (H.D.)

Doolittle, Hilda
Hermetic Definition

Another volume plucked from the old Just Buffalo library before it got sold to Rust Belt Books (sorry, Brian!). Just Buffalo's library was mostly comprised, I think, of books collected over the years by the organization through its founder Debora Ott, and likely by her ex-husband, John Daley. We kept them on a large set of white wall shelves in our offices, always intending to use them as a lending library, but never really following through with a plan on how to lend them. So, they gathered dust, until we decided to sell them on the eve of a move into a smaller space downtown.

The offices that housed the library were located in the Tri-Main Center, an old former factory in Buffalo that had been converted into arts spaces, studios, and offices. Originally built as a Ford factory, it later built bomber engines and then windshield wipers. Just Buffalo was housed there for about ten years, along with Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center and several other arts organizations, several of which have now migrated downtown.

I acquired some choice titles from the library before we sold it (again, apologies to Brian Lampkin) including a set of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E magazine that had been l=a=n=g=u=i=s=h=i=n=g on a shelf for years.

from Red Rose & a Beggar


Why did you come
to trouble my decline?
I am old ( I was old till you came);

the reddest rose unfolds,
(which is ridiculous
in this time, this place,

unseemly, impossible,
even slightly scandalous),
the reddest rose unfolds;

(nobody can stop that,
no immanent threat from the air
not even the weather,

blighting our summer fruit),
the reddest rose unfolds,
(they've got to take that into account).

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