Monday, September 21, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 31.1 (H.D.)

Helen in Egypt
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Doolittle, Hilda
Helen in Egypt

I am not sure where I purchased this.

Possibly at Rust Belt Books, possibly not.

I remember having read "The Gift" and "Trilogy" and wanting to read more H.D. and thinking that this was the one I wanted to read.

I remember there a period of time during which I was thinking about buying and reading and owning this book.

I remember looking at it on the shelves of various bookstores and thinking I wanted to buy it and read it and own it.

There was a long period of intention. Of anticipation. Of wanting to buy it and read it and own it and not doing so. Of waiting.

And then somewhere along the way I bought it and read it and owned it and having done so I placed it on my shelf.

And that was that.

You can hear the whole thing read at Penn Sound.

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