Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 32 (Ariel Dorfman)

Dorfman, Ariel
Death and the Maiden

Sent to me by the publisher in advance of Dorfman's appearance in the Babel series in 2007.

This was the big play on Broadway the year I graduated from college. All of the broadway shows left student discount ticket fliers all over the place and I remember seeing these fliers sitting on windowsills and resting in folders stapled to bulletin boards around the campus.

The film came out around the same time that I left for Ecuador a couple of years later. I remember reading a review of the film near the time I left and that I was sad not to get to see it. I also remember renting another recent Polanski film, Bitter Moon, while I was in Ecuador, thinking I was renting Death and the Maiden.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Dorfman when he came to Buffalo. I got so sick that I had to miss several events that week and required a substitute to fill in on stage for me. I did sneak into the event to see his talk, though. He was quite loquacious and entertaining and he wrote me a nice email saying he was sorry I couldn't make it and hoped I'd get well soon.

Here's a clip from the film:


Stan Apps said...

No more Dorfman? You totally need more Dorfman. How to Read Donald Duck is the bomb.

Michael Kelleher, Buffalo, NY said...

At the time he was in town, I quickly read a bunch of his books, including that one, but I think I was broke at the time and borrowed them all. This one came for free from the publisher, hence my ownership.