Friday, September 25, 2009

Aimless Reading: The D's, Part 33 (Edward Dorn)

Hello, La Jolla
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Dorn, Edward
Hello, La Jolla

Purchased new at Talking Leaves...Books a few month ago at the original cover price of $3.50. Given my interest in Creeley and Olson and Duncan and the gang, I feel like I should really like Ed Dorn's poetry. Truth be told, this is the only book of his that I have ever read cover to cover. For all of the inventiveness and wit in "The Gunslinger" and his other works, I find that I just can't get through them. I try really hard, thinking that if I just read on I'll start to get it. But enlightenment never seems to come. This book, "like the pony express," says Dorn is "light and essential." I've read it cover to cover twice since I bought it. Having done so, I thought maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to read "The Gunslinger" afterwards, that I'd finally be let in. That I'd start to get it.

No such luck. But I am still trying.

A for Ism

A poets occupation
is to compose poetry
The writing of it
is everywhere

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Brian Lampkin said...

Inspired by what I read as your forthrightness: I've long been annoyed by the old-boy machismo that seems to swirl around Dorn. Dorn adherents are often aggressive in their defense of Dorn and quick to question/demean non-believers. With that said, I love some of HELLO, LAJOLLA (not that awful Karen Carpenter poem) and ABHORRENCES, but have never found GUNSLINGER useful to me.